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Leadership, Branding and Coaching

Our Philisophy and Winning Formula

As a Licensed Global Mindset Trainer, Dr Jayshan Keejoo has a different perspective of leadership and consequently sees it with a different eye. He defines Leadership from both individuality perspectives and group perspectives.
  • Individuality perspectives view leadership as a combination of special traits or characteristics individuals own, that enable them to induce others to accomplish task.
  • Group perspectives say that the leader is the centre of group change and activity and he embodies the spirit of the group.

We see this as an entrepreneurial task rather than a myth or a mountain to break. While we work out leadership momentum with our clients, we go beyond the thinking of outside the box, where we integrate the aspects of Branding. We consider Branding as an economical way to reproduce, re-engineer or re-orient oneself, as an entrepreneur and also as a leader which helps the way to lead effectively.


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