• Arbitrator, Mediator, Legal and Management Professional

Personal Coaching/Development

What is our Value Proposition?

  • Using proprietary tools which have been developed after thorough research and applying them with proven methodologies during the coaching process.
  • Providing one-on-one coach on emotional level and counsel the client as per their specific needs.
  • Conducting coaching over different timeframes and different environments, as applicable, with each session lasting between 1.5-2 hours, depending upon Coachee’s requirements.
  • Keeping focus on the conversation needed, the Coachee’s thinking, actions and lessons learnt.
  • Keeping conversations honest, confidential while fully respecting the Coachee’s point of view.
  • Bringing together behaviours, techniques and methods that make a difference to the results client expects.
  • Facilitating discussions that increase the client’s awareness, insight and available choice.
  • Trying to reduce the complexity of the issue while working alongside the desired dreams and goals.
  • Trying to bring back the Coachee from the specific trauma or the issue in question.