• Arbitrator, Mediator, Legal and Management Professional

About Me

About Dr. Jayshan Keejoo

Dr. Jayshan Keejoo is an internationally recognised Arbitrator, Mediator, Legal and Management Professional Coach, Program/Project and Change Development Strategist. Born in Mauritius and currently based in UK, he has pursued his tertiary education and career mostly in UK and USA.

Transforming from the Turbulent & Boisterous Teenager to the Internationally Acclaimed Professional

However, the path to success for Jayshan was not a relaxed one. Jayshan was a typical teenager who was sluggish, bunked school and even obtained average grades in early school days. Until one day when his father who had started his career as a Town Hall cashier but who retired as a Town Hall Chief Executive Officer, took matters in his own hands and started to show him some tough love to bring him back on the right track.

He started by making Jayshan take on more responsibilities while pursuing his studies such as supervising the family crops. Jayshan still remembers the morning he took the bus to the crops while also having to take his Cambridge Higher School Certificate exams in the afternoon. He continued working for the family business while studying/working and these experiences have shaped him and helped him to have a different interpretation and perspective on life and the pathway to success. Looking back, Jayshan is so proud and grateful to his father who was hard yet also so brilliantly inspired him to become the best version of himself. Today, he thrives across various industries, in the multiple fields where he excels.

Academic Pathway

Dr Jayshan Keejoo holds doctorates and qualifications from various prestigious UK and USA universities in the fields of Law , Human Resources Management and Project Management

His academic journey ranges from University of Lincolnshire, Leicester to Harvard University, MIT, Thunderbird and Cornell Universities.

Professional Pathway

Founder and Chief Executive Officer of the Boston Group of Companies, Dr Jayshan Keejoo is spearheading activities in diverse sectors from Education, Legal, Technology to Coaching & Executive Training.

Dr Keejoo has gleaned a wide range of competencies and a huge experience through his collaboration with several renowned clients globally, which include professionals across diverse industries, both in the public and private sectors - government agencies, education, hospitality, law enforcement, pharmaceutical, financial, technology, automotive, retail, and utilities.

  • With Dr Keejoo’s huge contribution in the legal sector, he is regarded among the finest Arbitrator/ Mediator in the world. He has to his portfolio several prestigious awards in the profession. He has always applied a very discretionary style in his approach and has dealt with various international cases across the globe.
  • Dr Keejoo is a licensed Global Mindset trainer and Member of various bodies as well as Sitting Council Member in decision making. He is a change management specialist, firewalking expert and so on. His capabilities have helped various organisation to change their process thinking, mind-mapping, process improvement, and the list goes on.
  • A business concept specialist, Dr. Keejoo is hired by businesses and organisations globally to train, develop and coach talents to prepare them for the new challenges to meet the current and long-term global demands. As an Executive Certified Trainer, he delivers corporate training on global mindset and international culture change.
  • Dr Keejoo has founded BMLBS – Boston Management and Law Business School, after years of experience and research performing empirical studies and reaching heights of education. Being committed to excellence and daring to dream big, he brings innovation through education by empowering students fulfil academic and professional goals and passion from anywhere in the world. Through BMLBS, Dr Keejoo has engaged into a relentless journey to build a better tomorrow and unleashing potentials that will shape and secure a better future.
  • With his spirit of entrepreneurship, innovation, agility and market disruption, Dr Keejoo has created a diversified group – The Boston Group of Companies (BGC). BGC is a value and culture driven Group built on a solid foundation of principles and ethics, providing innovative, agile and sustainable solutions that enable strategic development and growth across the economies. The Boston Group of Companies include: -
    • Boston Management and Law Professionals
    • Boston Management and Law Business School
    • Boston Legal Services
    • Boston Technologies